The Team

Dr Karen McAuliffe is the grant holder and the principle investigator on the project.  She holds a PhD and LLB from the Queen’s University of Belfast and has also studied at l’Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium and the Academy of European Public Law in Greece.  Prior to entering academia Karen worked as a lawyer-linguist at the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg.  It was during her time at that Court that her research interests developed from a general interest in the relationship between language and law, to a more focused research agenda on law, language and translation in the EU legal order.  Over ten years of pursuing those research interests led to the current LLECJ project.  Karen’s work on the project draws on theories and methodologies across a number of disciplines and through such interdisciplinary work she hopes to introduce a new facet to our understanding of how EU law develops.


Nadia Wood is the project administrator.  She is responsible for organising project events and the general administration of the project.  Nadia works part-time on the LLECJ project and can be contacted at


Former Team Members

Dr Aleksandar Trklja was a research fellow on the LLECJ project from November 2013 to September 2017.  His role included carrying out corpus and discourse analyses of EU jurisprudence and developing a theoretical explanation of relations between law and language in the EU legal order.  Alex is now a lecturer in linguistics at the University of Vienna.

Liana Turner worked as an administrator on the LLECJ project from March to July 2016, providing the administrative support necessary prior to the suspension of the project for the duration of Dr McAuliffe’s maternity leave.  Liana is now the student experience administrative officer at the University of Birmingham’s College of Arts and Law.

Irene Christophers was the project administrator while the LLECJ project was based at Exeter University (2013-2016).  Irene is now an academic support administrator at Exeter University’s Cornwall campus.

Dr Gar Yein Ng was a research associate on the LLECJ project from November 2014 to May 2015.  During that time she carried out two systematic literature reviews: one on constitutional pluralism and one on the concept of precedent in EU law.  Gar Yein is now a lecturer at the University of Buckingham.