Here you will find details of peer-reviewed publications, project reports and media reports on the LLECJ project

Project Reports




Journal Articles

Trklja, A and McAuliffe, K (2019) “Formulaic Metadiscursive Signalling Devices in Judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union: a new corpus-based model for studying discourse relations of textsInternational Journal of Speech, Language and Law 26(1)

McAuliffe, K (2016) “Hidden Translators: The Invisibility of Translators and the Influence of Lawyer-Linguists on the Case Law of the Court of Justice of the European UnionLanguage and Law/Linguagem e Direito 3(1) 5-29

McAuliffe, K (2015) “Translating AmbiguityJournal of Comparative Law 9(2)

McAuliffe, K (2013) “The Limitations of a Multilingual Legal SystemInternational Journal for the Semiotics of Law 26(4)


Book Chapters

McAuliffe, K and Trklja, A (2018) “Superdiversity and the Relationship between Law, Language and Translation in a Supranational Legal Order” in Malkani, Rock, Creese and Blackledge (eds) Routledge Handbook on Language and Superdiversity

Trklja, A (2018) “A Corpus Investigation of Formulaicity and Hybridity in Legal Language: A Case of EU Case Law Texts” in Goźdź-Roszkowski, S and Pontrandolfo, G (eds) Phraseology in Legal and Institutional Settings: A Corpus-Based Interdisciplinary Perspective, Routledge

Trklja, A (2018) “A Corpus Investigation of Translation Generated Diversity in EU Case-Law” in Prieto Ramos (ed) Institutional Translation for International Governance: Enhancing Quality in Multilingual Legal Communication, Bloomsbury Academic

McAuliffe, K (2017) “Behind the Scenes at the Court of Justice: Drafting EU Law Stories” in Nicola, F and Davies, B (eds) EU Law Stories, Cambridge University Press, pp.35-58



EUCLCORP website

Trklja, A and McAuliffe, K (2018) The European Union case law corpus (EUCLCORP): a multilingual parallel and comparative corpus of EU court judgments. in AU Frank, C Ivanovic, F Mambrini, M Passarotti & C Sporleder (eds), Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Corpus-Based Research in the Humanities: CRH-2. vol. 1, Gerastree Proceedings, pp. 217-226, Second Workshop on Corpus-Based Research in the Humanities, Vienna, Austria, 25/01/18